Greece has a very strict Animal Protection Act. Whoever disregards this must expect draconian fines. And yet the rights and the dignity of animals - e.g. on the island of Serifos – are continuously and seriously breached, dogs are kept permanentely on iron chains, donkeys, goats and sheep have their legs bound together, multiple kittens and puppies are "disposed of" in the garbage, cats and dogs are poisoned,...

Since years animal lovers, visitors and tourists in Serifos provide medical assistance, walk chained dogs, tend to and support abused animals. This has helped little, a change for the better is not in sight, on the contrary: animal suffering is getting worse.

This has to change!

Systematically and well-organized we want to adopt and implement animal rights on Serifos. Practically and hands-on we want to provide a dignified and species-appropriate life for sick, abandoned, and abused animals.